Tech & Art / Overconnected / Music lover / Festivibes / French student in the UK

About me

My name is Adrien. I was born in Strasbourg, France and grew up in the south, in Toulon, France. I moved a year and a half ago to Worthing, UK for my studies. Currently in a Technical Theatre Production course at the Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, I am focusing on sound and lighting design.

I’m mostly into technology and music and anything else correlated to these 2 things. I am interested by anything from soundlighting, video, photography, editing, music production, stage technology to computing, networking, and creating websites (like this one!). I am trying to get as much experience as I can by working or attending events with professionals.

For any professional inquiries, send me an email at mail@cilusse.com or you can download my CV right at the bottom of this page.

Otherwise, if you just want to keep in touch quietly, and occasionally get a nice picture, song or video in your feed, head over to my Social Hub, where you can follow me on almost every platform.